What do you love about being a Redhead?

Maybe you haven’t always loved having red hair…

Love about being a redhead If you’re anything like me, your relationship with your red hair hasn’t been a simple one. There were times when I would have give anything to be blonde, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I don’t need to make an effort to wear bright clothes or daring designs and make up…I already stand out. Red hair also feels like a part of my heritage. It’s existed for several generations of my family, and my having it means I have a visible part of my ancestors, a privilege that has been handed down, to me. The fact that it’s so rare and a genetic gamble only make it so much more valuable. But that’s just me…how about you?

Maybe you haven’t always been a Redhead

Now that I finally love having red hair, I can fully understand why others would want to have it  too. After all we have seen plenty of celebrities who look amazing with red hair but it’s not their natural colour. Christina Hendricks, and Emma Stone are just two awesome examples. So for those who have chosen to have red hair, what has changed in your life since becoming a redhead? Is it a big part of your identity? Can you ever imagine going back?

Maybe you aren’t even a redhead now…

Part of what I love about being a redhead is how many fans we seem to have, from our friends and families to people on the street and romantic connections. So if you’re just a supporter of redheads, share what you love about us below.

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I love being a redhead because when I walk into a room, there is an instant air of mystery and intrigue that people are just dying to know and understand.

– Krystal

I love that my whole immediate family have red hair – mum, dad and three children. I love that people admire my hair too. Recently someone at work told me that I had been referred to as ‘the girl with the goddess hair’ which made me feel beautiful (even though most of the time I feel pretty average). I love that I’m different and that people always ask how they can get the same colour. Hairdressers always ask me it’s natural or dyed, and you think they’d be able to tell. I love all the different colours in my hair and how it changes with the seasons. I love my pale skin and just how primeval I look. I feel connected to generations before me and I can’t wait to have some little red-headed children to carry on the genes.

– Anonymous

I love to be different! I didn’t embrace my red hair and freckles as a child, but as I got older and came into my own, I adore it! A man whom I barely know, walked up behind me at a dinner party and whispered in my ear, “I think your freckles are sexy”. I had chill bumps from head to toe.

– Kathy

I use to hate my bright red hair that always stood out like a sore thumb…but now after I discovered who I am and what make me beautiful and unique I’ve fallen in love with this odd hair color of mine…I love being a red head cause it not only suits my daring colorful personality but I feel unique, different and beautiful.

– Zelda

I believe there are a thousand reasons why I love being a redhead!My actual hair colour is dark brown and I can’t lie,I love it but it’s so common and I was tired of being common and conventional. After dying my hair red,I felt like I did a radical change on myself!Firstly,it felt weird then I grew loving it more and more by day 🙂

– Iris

I love the way babies and small children stare at my hair like it’s the most fascinating thing they have ever seen, especially when they are so astounded by my freckles they have to touch me just to see if I am real.

– Mary

I love the way my red hair makes mens´ heads turn when I walk into a coffee shop and down the street! I´m a natural strawberry blonde/light ginger and I love the way my hair shines a strong firey gold.It makes me stand out from all the other girls.My boyfriend loves it when I wear a bright, deep red or even really dark lipstick against my pale skin&fiery hair. If you´re a red head too,condition it twice a week, get a good cut… and stand out and shine!=)

– Sophieanna

I absolutely love my naturally curly, naturally red hair! (Plus the pale skin and tons of freckles that goes with it). I love that I get second looks for my hair, that hairdressers tell me how people pay “big money” for my colour and curl, how every coach I have ever had has simply called me “Red”, and how people I haven’t seen in years will recognize me – just because of the hair! I have friends that are redheads by choice, not birth, but they still have the souls of a redhead and that gives us a special kinship. Above all, I love how having red hair make me feel passionate, clever, quick-witted, and above all – just plain sexy!

– Stacey

What’s not to love? I have natural flair! I love that women are jealous of my color, I love that I can be seen anywhere, I love that people are automatically afraid of what my temper could be and that I make pale and freckled look good! I AM ONE PROUD GINGER!

– Michelle

I LOVE being a geen eyed RedHead who is envied because my copper curls make me a fabulously unique indiviual that can kick butt in any situation and I have no need or desire to follow the flock.

– Colleen

Nine out of ten times being the only redhead present, you always get noticed. And our reputation, “fire in the head, fire in bed.” It rings true.

– Andi

I love that I don’t have to try to stand out. My hair does that for me and my personality just puts the icing on the cake! Being a redhead is something unexplainable but when you pass another redhead you give each other the look and that I love as well.

– Laura

I’m red and proud, and there are too many reasons to mention why I love it, but here are some; I love that my hair makes me different. I’m referred to as ‘the girl with the red hair’. I love that it’s the topic of conversation. I love that people want my hair and always remark about how beautiful it is. I love that with it comes freckles and pale skin. And I especially love that my hair shines like gold when the sun shines.

– Caroline M

I love it how my hair changes it’s hue in full on sunshine, they’re naturally very light chestnut but in the sun they go on fire!And they bring a lot of attention for that matter too! I feel so in touch with the nature and all it’s colours…

– Karolina

Guys are attracted to me more! They know I’m a freak in bed and every boyfriend I have had has loved my hair:) I do have a temper but come on trust me I have way more fun than you do<3

– Anonymous

When I was younger I hated being a redhead… Everyone has told me my whole life that I am beautiful. Never believing them, just hating my red hair. But now I would not want to have any other color! I am in love with my self and my red hair! I am NOT plain. I am wild and weird and my red hair makes me POWERFUL! Ruadh gu brath!

– Amber H

I’ve had red hair all my life. I was picked on in school when I was younger for being tall and having red hair. When I got older everyone wants my color!!! They say “where did you get it colored”?…ugh I was born with it!! Now that I am getting some grey hairs it’s wonderful, they look like highlights since red greys beautifully!!

– Lori

I love how my hair makes certain colour clothes really pop, and look so much richer than against other colours. I love how I never get lost in a crowd, my friends can always spot me easily. I love when people speak especially to comment on my hair, and how hairdressers fall over themselves to get their hands on it. And i particularly love that it gives me an excuse for having a temper!

– Laura K

I don’t have red hair naturally – but I find that the colour suits me better than my actual natural hair colour (brown).. I have not been red for two years now (due to upkeep) and I recently did it again and I feel like ‘ME’ again

– Lucie D

I love being a red head because it makes me feel different from the rest. I embrace my natural red hair with fairest of the fairest pale skin and freckles I would not change it for the world and everybody in my family say my hair is stunning I am so proud.

– Gemma L

As a child I despised my red hair and green eyes… Now I wouldn’t change it for the world!! We all know the names we’re called “Ay, yo red” “Hey you with the red hair” “Hey ginger” I love LOVE them. Granted I do get tired of people asking if it’s my natural colour, but then I love the compliments from complete strangers. I love how I can tell if someone is a natural or if it’s from a bottle (you know what I’m talking about), and I love the freckles I get in the summer… I love, love, love, love, LOVE being a natural redhead!!

– Ashlee I

I love that I don’t have to try to stand out. My hair does that for me and my personality just puts the icing on the cake! Being a redhead is something unexplainable but when you pass another redhead you give each other the look and that I love as well.

– Laura Rogusz

I haven’t always loved my red hair but as I get older I have embraced my hair colour and wear colours that accentuate it. Nowadays, although a natural copper redhead, I use shampoos that intensify my red hair. I have discovered that redheads are generally more passionate and creative!

– Yvonne B

I never used to like being a ginger one, but I’ve grown into it. It’s good to have a more unusual hair colour. Sometimes when I walk in front of a mirror I shock myself as I’ve not seen colourful hair on anyone else and I forget just how bright mine can seem. I particularly love the burning red when my hair’s wet. A little bit more sun tolerance would be great, though.

– Abbie

What do you love about being a redhead? – I too struggled in adolescense with ‘being different’… carrot top, freckle face, all the dreaded names and comments. I was obsessed in my 20’s with changing my hair color constantly. It wasn’t until after going platinum blonde and having to shave my head because my hair was desintegrating that I realized how lucky I am to have something no one could ever recreate. I stopped messing with my locks that day and have never looked back. My hair is truly me, one of a kind, and never the same twice in the same light. Why mess with success?

– Jody

I love that it makes me unique and different. I stick out from the crowd, and people are drawn to my look. People always say, is that your natural color? and I say, yes my parents gave it to me on my birthday! I love that God gave me red hair, i see it as my best feature and I proudly embrace my ginger!!

– Chelsey

What do you love about being a redhead? – All the compliments about the color of my hair! Women and men absolutely love it, I used to hate it when I was younger but would not trade it for anything now! My grandmother used to tell me that one day women would envy me because of the color, she was right! I have her to thank for it anyhow lol.

– SnowRed

I used to hate being a red head, I’m the only one in my immedeite family with red hair, and often it’s been a source for people to tease me. Most of the people in my high school asked if I was adopted… but being a ginger can be great, and though sometimes I still wish I looked like I ‘belonged’ to my family… I just have to remind myself that I know I belong there… no matter what it looks like. I love the connection (or as my friends and I call it, the ginger club) every time I see another person with red hair there is an understanding between us, we may not even ever be friends but we ‘get’ each other.

– Jessica

I love the fact that red heads have been depicted as strong and fierce even if that comes with the temper and head-strong traits.

– Lily

I am copper ginger and I absolutely love it! I used to not like it a lot as a teenager, but then, gradually I fell in love with the color of my hair. I have no freckles, ginger eyes 🙂 that often turn green 🙂 I just cannot imagine having any other hair color. It seems to me that being a redhead is a whole different experience, not only due to the attention we get, or standing out, it is like something very unique on the the deeper, energy level. I love redheads, I am always amazed when I see one, I just smile in my heart and think : “this is gorgeous!” 🙂 it feels like an instant relation to them, it feels like I just know them. I think gingers are fiery, passionate and true people. I am very happy to be a redhead 🙂

– Kato

I love being a redhead because of the attention and preconceived ideas people have about us. I’m fascinated with men’s fascination with us naturals. What I also love is so many of the girls that bullied me in grammer school for being a redhead actually tried dying it red in high school. What I don’t like are the bottle reds who call themselves a redhead. There is so much more to being a redhead than the color of one’s hair. Emma stone may have died her hair but she is no redhead. Bottle reds need to stop calling themselves a redhead and call themselves a bottle red, because they don’t deserve the awesome title of redhead. Naturals rule and bottles just drool. Just saying.

– Stacy

I’ve always loved being a redhead, because it’s so unique and beautiful, and the thing that makes me love it even more, is that people always envy it and ask me if it’s real, and, of course, I reply with a yes!! People say to me that my hair is gorgeous and that it’s the kind of hair color that they could get in a hair coloring bottle. Although, it can get a little annoying sometimes, I still love it, because it makes me feel so special. Plus, I am Scottish AND Irish, so it makes sense! :3 – Anon

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