Anyone who reads comics has probably  noticed that there are a lot more redheads in comics, than there actually is in real life. While this may be because its more  interesting for a comic artist to illustrate red hair, they sure make great heroes and heroines. We thought we’d make a list of our 5 favourites, but honestly its hard to choose just 5, so let us know your favourite  cartoon characters with Red hair!

Mary Jane – Responsible for boyhood crushes on Redheads the world over

Yes we realise she’s not a superhero of any kind, and from the list of available names there are quite a few more ‘kick-ass’ redheads; but her human nature and ability to captivate Spiderman, despite being quite normal has to have something to do with the fiery locks? No? Responsible for many a young boy’s first crush on redheads – after all: what would a hero be without a damsel in distress?  

Medusa – we have never seen Red hair put to such good use!

No not the Medusa of Ancient Greek legend, this lady’s long, thick, red hair can be controlled at will to wreck havoc. ‘ each strand (of hair) actually possesses greater tensile strength and durability than steel wire of the same thickness, and Medusa has the psychokinetic ability to wield all of them like countless extra appendages’ Now that is impressive hair! Medusa red hair  

Jean Grey/The Phoenix – this is one redhead you DO NOT want to annoy!

One of the most powerful X-men there is, her completely split personality may resonate with stereotypes about redheads, and her ability to destroy everything in her wake when her mood DOES change…well, nuff said. Any lady who has the choice between Wolverine and Cyclops has my respect for that alone.   Jean-Grey-Redhead

Daredevil – Redheaded Multitasking Male

Couldn’t leave the guy Redheads out  could we? – Daredevil turns his weaknesses into strengths, being a blind superhero has gota be tough, but it certainly doesn’t get in the way of his romantic liasons. A man who has time to be a lawyer by day, a superhero and a ladies man? Wow. Any other Redheaded male superhero suggestions?  

Garfield – Ginger Cat

Yes, Garfield – because whether you’re a comic book nut or someone who has never picked one up in your life – you know who this Ginger Feline is. He’s certainly not a character to look up to, to admire or to teach us anything, but we can’t help but love him can we?

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