Have you seen the publicity about Redhead Day and wondered what it was all about?

It seems like everywhere we turn at the moment there is something about Redhead Day and I was thrilled to be able to go there myself this year. Apart from being a really good laugh, it was one of the first opportunities I’d had to be around people who had the same kind of features as me apart from when I’m with my Mum. While the numbers in attendance weren’t as high as predicted in the post I did on Redhead Day before I left, we still broke the world record with close to 1,500 redheads gathered in one place . I did a quick video of what it was like to be inside the enclosure for the world record attempt here…

What it’s like to be in a sea of Redheads at Redhead Day

Was Redhead Day all it was cracked up to be?

In a word YES! I met so many lovely people from America, Israel, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Canada, Denmark and Australia while I was there that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  While you might imagine that you run out of things to say, that wasn’t the case and it was just lovely to be around people that you weren’t connected to through work or some other preoccupation. It wasn’t a serious gathering, lead by a course or career choice so it was quite uniquely fun. I also got the opportunity to meet up with Barry from Ginger with Attitude again, and to meet Scott from Being Ginger and Emma and Lizzie from Ginger Parrot. I had been a little concerned that I wouldn’t stand out and as it was something I’ve become used to as part of my identity, I was curious how that would feel. In reality the hair shades, textures, eye colours, skin tones and everything else were still very wide ranging even within a group of people made of redheads. I got some pretty good make up advice while I was there as well – I don’t usually bother to ask people about their make up, because I have a feeling it won’t suit me, but if it’s on another redhead….that’s another matter.

What it’s like to be at Redhead Day

Breda is a lovely place that I would recommend to anyone visiting Holland, I do wonder what people who were away on a romantic weekend getaway in the town must have thought over this weekend!? Apart from my time in the ‘pen’ during the world record attempt there were some very good times in the square, park and on the pub crawl. I’ve included some pictures and a video featured on Dutch TV to give you a little insight! Click any picture to view as a slideshow

I was even featured on Dutch TV as the only English Speaker

Celebrating Ginger Pride at Redhead Day

In Redhead Daypreparation for Redhead Day I decided to get a T Shirt done to fly the flag of pride but also to share the website with others there. The T-shirt went down a storm, and enough people have asked for it that I have now added it to the website, with a male version and even (due to requests) a baby grow. I also understand that not everyone like the word ‘ginger’ so a ‘Redhead Pride’ version is also available. I mostly use ‘G’ word because I think if we reclaim it, perhaps it can’t be used against us quite so easily? But I still have mixed feelings about it. More to come – This is likely to be the first of many accessories and items of clothing playing on the theme of ‘celebrating red hair’ so if you have any ideas, make sure you let us know below!

21952832-106067891 Available here

Would you like to see a Redhead Day in the UK?

If you live in the UK and are wondering why there isn’t a version of Redhead Day near you, you’re not the only one! There is the brilliant Redhead Convention in Cork, Ireland each year, but nothing that’s taken off on the mainland. However, we’d like to change that! We’re planning to get sort out an event in the UK and would LOVE to gauge interest. So please sign up for alerts or like the page on Facebook so that we can get the ball rolling and get some opinions about what you’d like Redhead Day UK to involve!

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