Women with dyed red hair often complain about the rate at which their colour fades away. Indeed, red is most vulnerable to fading that makes it vital to take protective dyed red hairmeasures to ensure that you can maintain the red colour pigments in your hair for as long as possible. If you spent a great deal on your new red hair dye, it takes on an even bigger importance to try and keep it on for longer than few weeks.

Clean Hair Before Dyeing

Whether you are dyeing your hair at home or in the salon, it pays to make sure that hair is thoroughly clean before applying hair colour. The myth about dirty hair better at absorbing colour is not true at all. Chemicals used in red hair colour these days are more refined and not as strong as it used to. Hence, cleaning your hair will enable colour pigments to be easily absorbed into the hair shaft to keep colour lasting longer, too.

Invest in Best Hair Colour Brand

Different types of hair react to different brand formulas. Hence, stick with the hair colour brand you know to be of great quality. Some brands, though, are better at producing colours that last so you need to do a bit of research to get to know them.

Never Wash Hair Post-Colour for Up to 48 Hours

It can be tempting to wash up your hair as you would part of your daily hair care regimen. But if you wish to protect your freshly dyed red hair, it is best to wait for up to 48 hours before you do. Red colour molecules are larger and washing it could cause the release of colour pigments. Wait for the pigment to penetrate beyond the cuticle or else it could leave your red hair looking dull. Meanwhile, avoid swimming pools for up to 2 weeks after colouring your hair red. Chlorine in swimming pools is the biggest culprit to fading dyes.

Avoid Hair Treatments Post-Colour

The reason behind this is similar to washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. When you undergo hair treatments post-colour, you allow the release of red colour molecules.

Wear Protective Head Gear When Exposed to the Sun

Red hair colour pigments are sensitive to the UV rays from the sun. Thus, protect your dyed red hair from fading or becoming dull by wearing a cap or using umbrella when you are out in the sun. Preventing direct contact with the sun’s UV rays can extend the life of your red hair colour and keeps it looking vibrant for longer.

Avoid Harsh Shampoos

Make your life easy by opting for shampoos that were formulated for colour-treated hair, red hair to be specific. If you do not know which shampoo is right for your red hair, ask your hairstylist for any recommendation since they are the ones who know best about your hair and the formula on the dye used. How do you protect your dyed red hair from fading quickly?

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