As Redheads we can get fed up being stuck with make up made for darker complexions, and make up that suits other people can look very harsh Red hair with lots of make upor dark on us. I personally get quite jealous of the eye make up that my sister can wear (she’s brunette), if I try the same shade I look like I’ve been punched in both eyes! A lot of colours have the potential to clash with our fiery locks, and the matter can be just as confusing for someone who has recently dyed their hair red – facing a whole new colour palette. So we’ve called in a beauty expert to lay it on the line and provide some make up advice. If you have further questions and comments please comment below! Jess

Quick Makeup and Hair tips and advice for Redheads from a beauty specialist

Guest post from beauty contributor Alice Williamson, of Body Works, Leicester. Making sure your makeup looks fabulous is vital. At BODY WORKS, we love making people look beautiful; Women with red hair and fair skin have a sophisticated and unique beauty that belongs only to them. Therefore, it only makes sense that your makeup colour choices are as unique as you are. You shouldn’t feel the need to hide your natural beauty behind a lot of make up; instead, accentuate your natural red hair and fair skin with beautiful colours. While it’s true that redheads can find it difficult to get their makeup right, there’s a way to sort it all out and get a makeup look that’s easy or elegant depending on your mood. Once you read BODY WORKS makeup tips you’ll see how easy it really can be to find the perfect makeup for you

Make up that works with your shade of red hair – know your colour

Most reds fall into one of three shades: copper (orange) red, violet red, and red red. Natural redheads, are in the copper category; very dark reds are categorised as violet red; and red reds are noticeable by their vibrant, true red colour. If your hair is copper red you would like to make sure orangey makeup and clothing won’t clash! The same goes for violet redheads and reds and red shades.

Foundation for redheads and pale skin

First of all, when experimenting with new make up, always check it on your skin in the area you intend to wear it. The check it in the natural daylight! Ask the beauty consultant to apply the suitable tone on your skin and live with it for the day before you buy it to ensure it is the correct shade for you.

  • Chose a foundation without noticeable pink tones. Although a foundation that is yellow-based may not appear correct when it is in the container, it will look completely different once it is on your skin. There are a few exceptions – if you have the lightest of skin tones select a neutral shade.
  • Match it to your skin tone. If your skin is fair in color, don’t choose a darker shade hoping to give you more colour. Bronzer is a tool for adding color to the face.
  • Fair skin is in, so flaunt it – besides, the wrong shade of colour never looks right.

Eyeshadow for Redheads

Different colour eyes can get away with wearing certain colour pallets. Here is a quick guide

  • All blue eyes can wear complementing colors of bronze and light copper.
  • Green eyes best suit purples, violets and mauves are actually your universal colours because they contain more red in them.
  • Brown eyes have it easy, their eye colour suits everything on the colour wheel. A best colour however to start off with is a mauve makeup palette.
  • Experiment with warm natural shades of brown for the lid and crease of the eye, or choose from the pallet of earthy greens.
  • A light shade of cream or natural pink under the outer edge of the brow will lift the eyes.

Eyeliner for Redheads

  • A gold-tone eyeliner will compliment the gold found in red hair.
  • After applying eyeliner, use a smudge brush to blend the line for a more natural look.

Lipstick and Lipcolour for Redheads

  • Choose soft tan for the lips, or try red with brown undertones

Mascara for Redheads

  • Many women with red hair have brown eyelashes. Highlight their soft natural beauty with dark brown mascara instead of black.
  • Black mascara is often too harsh for women with red hair.
  • Brown false eyelashes are the best choice for redheads of all colors. You can intensify them with darker mascara if needed.

Blusher for Redheads

  • A soft apricot or light brown blush with yellow undertones looks lovely on most women with red hair
  • Always sweep the blusher from the apples of the cheeks to the ear
  • Cream blushers also work well as you can blend and mould it into you cheek bones

Eyebrows for Redheads

  • If you’re not a natural redhead, consider having your eyebrows tinted to a colour that more closely matches your hair colour
  • Many women have ash toned eyebrows, which contrast with the warm, spicy red tones. Aim for one shade darker than your red hair color.
  • Fill your brows with a brown or blonde brow pencil. If your eyebrows are already quite light, you can darken them up a bit with a darker brown pencil and don’t go to dark and stay in the lighter brown or blonde family

JUST A FINAL NOTE: With taking in just a few of these few beauty tips, I am sure you will feel more confident on inside when you look good on the outside! Keep in mind that the greatest beauty asset a redhead has is her inner spirit. It’s no myth: Redheads are intelligent, fun-loving, energetic, passionate and fiery. Play up the positive aspects of those traits and allow your inner redhead to shine through.



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