Red hair and pale skin can oftentimes make for a perplexing canvas to mix and match makeup colors with. We stray from all heavy, super dark cosmetics, and many of usredhead make up are especially weary of ingredients due to skin sensitivity and allergies. Each season when the cold front comes in, our pale complexions require some extra TLC in the way of added color and warmth to maintain a healthy and attractive glow. To prove that even redheads can tout this fall’s most popular pigments, here are some ways to incorporate these fun, bright hues into your makeup palate.

Brighten Skin

Before testing out any wild colors, make sure that your skin provides a smooth and clear surface so those pigments can really pop. Imperfections are much more noticeable on “porcelain” or freckled complexions, so it is important to re-evaluate your face washes and moisturizers each season to be sure that dry and flaky skin will be properly cared for in the wintertime. Because dark circles and lines attract extra attention on redheads, spot treatments and correcting serums are a great option for those who find their appearance more common during the school year. Makeups like Skinn Cosmetics, sold here, can effectively brighten dull skin, giving your face a natural glow that will enhance your makeup colors, while giving you the appearance of being more healthful and alert.

Eye Make up for Redheads

A staple rule for girls with red hair is that brown eyeliner is always preferred to black, which makes it easy to incorporate the soft Carafe brown into your daily eye makeup routine. Lichen and Linden Greens are neutral colors that go perfectly with red and blonde hair. Try a light, earthy Linden eyeshadow to lighten the top part under your brow in the daytime. Deep Lichen Green is especially attractive in highlighting green and hazel eyes: use this as the color on your crease when going out at night with friends. If you dare to be bold, Emerald is this season’s standout color, and pairing it with red locks is a stunning combination most women aren’t lucky enough to try! Emerald eyeshadows are very popular for the fall, but if you can pull it off, Emerald eyeliner is bound to turn heads year-round.

Face Make up for Redheadssamba

A small brush of blush or quick rub of tint, such as Technic Cheek Tint sold here, can go a long way in giving your face some pretty color. If you have really vivid or dark red hair, a shade like Koi will look especially sweet on the apples of your cheeks. Your lips will call for a subtle pink or nude lipstick, but with a lighter peach-colored blush, the eyes offer great variety. They can be played up anywhere from bare, with just a sweep of mocha mascara to full-on smoky eyes. For blue-eyed girls, koi also makes a very nice eyeshadow, especially when paired with metallic or on the outer edge of gold or browns.

Lip Make up for Redheads

Fortunately, this fall’s red hues are both perfectly employable for redheads. Vivacious and Samba are both perfectly striking lip colors. Samba is an enhanced orange-red that would make a killer lipstick shade for nights and weekends out for drinks or on a date. Vivacious is a bold purplish pink that also makes a good choice for weekends, but could be a funky shade for daywear or to the office as a lip gloss or lip tint. Most redheads will likely want to avoid the deep, luscious purple Acai and vivid Mykonos Blue in cosmetics. However, depending on your hair color, they may look fantastic in small doses – perhaps incorporated with an eye-catching handbag or cute pump. The only pigment redheads should stay far away from is stark, gray Turbulence; other than that, Fall 2013 is looking to be a colorful season for redheads!