All you redheads have got to stick together. Out of the total world population, redheads only occupy three percent, which makes them a minority. However, this also Natural Redheadmeans that girls with red hair stand out from all the blondes and the brunettes. Red hair however, requires more care to preserve that fiery colour because it tends to fade in the sun, or even over the passage of time. Also, given that the red hair type is naturally drier than all the other types, it requires some attention to maintain.

Daily care for Red hair

Since red hair is a bit on the dry side, the best thing to do is to moisturise it as often as possible. Red hair is definitely heavier and sometimes has a coarser texture than other hair types. A bit of moisture can work wonders. Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Once every three days is fine. Remember to apply conditioner every time you shampoo. That will keep your hair soft and smooth. Once a week you can carry out one of those deep conditioning treatments. This will help your hair keep its deep colour and shine as well. However, remember to choose your hair products wisely, depending on hair type and what you prefer. You can always buy salon equipment online as there are many websites specialising in products for red haired people. Buying salon products is a plus because these are usually used by professionals and are of good quality.

Keeping the colour of red hair

One of the most important aspects of red hair care is taking care of the colour. Red hair is very vulnerable to the surrounding environment and can be affected by the elements. Thus you will have to shield your hair from things like UV radiation from sunlight. Whenever you are going to buy salon equipment online make sure to buy products which will protect your red hair from radiation and sunlight. This is for the times when you can’t cover your hair from the sun. Sometimes you should use a scarf or a hat to shield your hair, and when you can’t use special hair products. This will stop the colour from fading.

To dye or not to dye

A lot of redheads decide not to dye their hair because of the popular misconception that they can never get the original hair colour back. However, it is perfectly possible to get your colour back after dyeing it. However, it is true that it is easier to get the red back in your hair if you have dyed it a lighter colour. Then again, it is never possible to take the red out of a redhead so don’t be worried about losing your natural colour.

Going natural

Are you one of those redheads who really like to go all out on the red? Then there are some natural homemade treatments that you could try out to flaunt your red hair. Take cranberry juice and pour it on to your hair. Then take a shower cap and cover your hair for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will enhance the natural colour of your hair. Another radical red hair treatment is with beet juice. Take a tablespoon of beet juice and mix it with three cups of water and then soak your hair in it. Watch the colour burst from your hair. Just be a little careful with this one though, it’s for the experimental ones. These are some of the ways in which you can take care of your natural red hair which makes you one of a kind. About the author Pete Campbell is a professional hair colourist who also runs his own hairstyling website where you can buy salon equipment online. When he is not styling hair, Pete loves to go for wine tasting tours.