Ginger Love

Just some of the great things redheads have shared to show how much they love their red hair! Whether you wear your ginger pride on your sleeve or are quietly grateful for what being a redhead means to you, we’d love to know what you love about having red hair.

The redness

I love being a redhead because...i am different and exceptional.. I have embraced living with the fact that I am rare and different.

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You are truly honestly beautiful.

Redheads... Gingers... Auburns... Strawberry blondes... Whatever you want to call the colour... I know everyone is beautiful, regardless of their colour, and I appreciate all different colours so much. However... There is just something about you guys/girls/whatever...

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cause I’m different

I love being a redhead because... will I'm 6'1 green eyed redhead very unique and.when I walk anywhere ppl stare and smile. I think it's cool that we have redhair also I'm the only redhead in my family

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Natural, Rare and above all Beautiful!

I love being a redhead because... I love the sense of uniqueness having red hair offers especially considering red hair occurs naturally only in 2% of the human population. I love the feeling of being part of a club whenever I am lucky enough to encounter another...

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I love being a redhead because...of my facebook page, plus I have a chestnut horse, and we match.

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I love being a redhead because...we are proud of who we are! Being a red head is part of our personalities and identity. It is an accessory and so much more. Be proud of the beautiful color hair you were born to flaunt ladies! Live it and love it!

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I love being a redhead because... it makes me a unique individual at my school, and even though it's hard at times I would much rather be a redhead than a plain head.

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