So this weekend I will be attending my first ever hen do (bachelorette party for non UK dwellers) – and I’m very excited …and a little nervous to be honest; these women jessica rabbitknow how to party and I’m delicate. The theme is 1920’s flappers (if you’re confused by that term, I’m with you, I thought my mate said we were dressing as ‘slappers’ which is quite common on a hen do, but you usually don’t say it out loud right?). The Hen suggested I dressed as Jessica Rabbit as the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ was set in the 1920’s. So I’ve got my skin tight red dress, push up bra, purple satin gloves and sparkly  red stilettos at the ready…feeling quite nervous – just as well there will be lots of Dutch Courage flying around 🙂 If you don’t know who Jessica Rabbit is – she’s a cartoon, and the wife of Roger Rabbit from the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ (pictured right). She’s about as sexy as it gets (well as a cartoon gets at least), with a body to die for, a voice like silk, and blazing red hair. It got me thinking about red haired female icons; cartoons aside, are there any women with red hair you particularly admire? Women you see and make you proud to be a redhead, or epitomise what it is to be a redhead for you? When I was growing up, it was the red haired daughter of Cybil Shepherd in her TV show played by Alicia Witt – because it was the first time I really noticed a glamorous (if moody) young red haired lady. What’s your opinion? Who’s your favourite famous Redhead?

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