Everything for Redheads in the Press already

So we’ve got to the end of the first week in January and we have to say that 2012 has got off to a flying start for Everything for Redheads, do you know why? NewsIts been a hot week for publicity. We’ve been featured in the Business section of The Hull Daily Mail and yesterday gave a live interview on BBC radio Humberside, and more publicity lined up. We feel that, not only is it great publicity for Everything for Redheads, but helps the wider population to understand more about Redheads, how we don’t feel catered for, how badly we can be treated, and how great we are! We were asked questions like;

  • What kind of products do redheads struggle to find?
  • Why do redheads need their own website?
  • How do we feel about being called ‘ginger’?
  • What made us decide to launch the company?
  • Where do we see Everything for Redheads going in the future?
  • How does Nicola Roberts and the Dainty Doll range play a part in our business?
  • Do different countries have different attitudes to red hair?
  • What products do we plan to offer for Redheads in the future 
  • How we researched the needs of Redheads
  • How people with dyed red hair differ in their needs from those with naturally red hair

We answer these questions and more in the following press. If you’re interested in featuring us in any press, please contact us by the usual means, or email [email protected]. To see other press appearances, view our Press Page Mini Page News   Download the Everything for Redheads article in the Hull Daily Mail as a PDF or read it online here   We were also features on the David Burnes show on BBC Radio Humberside Listen to the radio interview here on our YouTube Channel:  

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