Redheads draw attention in any crowd. They’re seen as exotic, mysterious and wild; who wouldn’t want to experience that, even just for a while? Some reds nearly glow with bright energy, and others are soft and easy. Finding the one that fits you best takes a little forethought and a lot of attitude. Whatever you choose, go for it with gusto: that’s the redhead way.

No matter what tone your skin is, you can still rock the red hair!

Skin deep

Anyone with some pink in their cheeks can easily carry off the redhead look. Traditionally, red hair is recommended for fair-skinned people, but with the new colours and trends, there’s a shade for anyone. Light complexions look best with strawberry blonde and natural ginger colours. These shades coax out the already-there beauty in your face, giving you that angelic yet earthy look. If you have a medium skin tone, you can be a bit bolder with an auburn or sassy, brassy palette; your skin can hold its own with the darker colours. For dark skin tones, think along the same lines and avoid the neon ‘Fifth Element’ style colours, which can give your face an odd, greenish tint.

Keeping up appearances

Healthy hair holds the best color, so pamper those tresses.

You may not be high-maintenance, but your red hair is a total diva. Keeping that colour means covering up in sunlight and waiting longer between washing. When you do lather up, use cool water and pick a shampoo that’s gentle for coloured hair. You should definitely stay away from products designed for dandruff control or flaking. Those shampoos can quickly drain the spark out of your red locks. No matter how careful you are with your hair, you’ll still need to re-visit the salon after two or three weeks, or at least ask your colorist for a touch-up kit so you can keep your flaming mane in tip top shape at home.

At the root

Since red hair colour can be an intensive experience for your tresses, it works best on healthy, strong hair. Locks that are dried out from over-colouring or heat damage may not be as receptive to the shade you want, so take care of those follicles. If you plan to do your own red hair at home, try to stay within a couple of shades of your natural colour. Otherwise, visit a professional who knows how to balance your present color with the perfect red shade so you won’t end up looking purple, blue or green. Those colours are awesome for Mardi Gras, but not so good when it comes to your signature look.

From the source

Whether you spot an amazing red shade on your favourite celebrity or want to re-create the ginger glow of a natural redhead, there are many companies devoted to supplying and keeping your ideal shade. They know that the best advertising is word of mouth, so always ask someone what colour they use when you can. In addition to providing quality products, these companies also use a variety of other innovative methods in business, including behind-the-scenes tools like cloud accounting software to managing customer service helplines and social media accounts. If you have questions about a colour, slip on that redhead attitude and ask away. Once you find the rosy-topped hue of your dreams, prepare to become the centre of attention everywhere you go. People will be as attracted to your red hair as they are to the self-confidence that comes from achieving your best look ever. Beth Bartlett is a freelance writer tackling topics in pop culture, lifestyle and travel.