Providing shampoo for red hair, makeup for redheads,  and makeup for pale skin.

By redheads, for redheads and people who love redheads!

Jess and Jen Redheads Dreamt up by a mother and daughter who want to celebrate everything that is great about being a redhead, Everything for Redheads is a community and eCommerce site for Redheads and the people who love them. After becoming increasingly frustrated that redheads weren’t properly catered for, we set out in search of the best redhead products and brands out there. We now stock a variety of shampoos for red hair, as well as makeup for red heads and those with pale skin. Let us know what you love about being a redhead, what frustrates you, and what products you would like to use – you never know what we’ll be able to find! The hope is that together we can find and share stories on redheads, break myths, revel in everything that is great about being a redhead and we hope you will share your opinion too.”

Proud Founders of Redhead Day UK

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