How is makeup for pale skin and shampoo for red hair part of a positive beauty manifesto?Red haired girl

As fond readers of Psychologies magazine, the Psychologies Positive Beauty Manifesto really caught our attention. The first point made out of 1o is: Beauty is the celebration of what is unique about each one of us.

We think it closely matches with what we are trying to achieve with the site, and the products we will recommend and stock. So we’d like to share it with you, as its inspirational to us and we hope you agree with it. So far Psychologies have had over 50 influential and respected women join in their support of the manifesto, we hope you do too.

What The Positive Beauty Manifesto means to Everything for Redheads

The important thing about the Beauty Manifesto is to celebrate your natural beauty, to use beauty and make up to enhance what is naturally beautiful about you, without trying to comply to unreasonable expectations that can be projected by the beauty and fashion industries. For us, that means;

  • Allowing ourselves to be pale without feeling pressured to use fake tan
  • Celebrating red hair without feeling that it should be toned down or hidden
  • Having subtle make up shades that suit our skin tone, and won’t make us look over-made up
  • Enjoying our frequently freckled faces, without feeling that freckles should be covered up
  • To have products that protect and respect our skin that is quite often sensitive, especially to the sun
  • To enhance the colour of our red hair and have products that allow us to make the best of what we have – not to wish that our hair is more straight/curly etc to fit fashion norms
  • To have make up colours that compliment our natural colouring instead of having to settle for colours designed for darker skin tones

That is just a start – let us know what the positive beauty manifesto means to you, and how you think we can embrace it?

The full Psychologies Beauty Manifesto is listed here:

A list of the celebrities who support it so far is listed here:

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