Lipstick for Redheads – do you wear red lipstick?

Can RedRedhead wearing red lipstickheads look good in Red lipstick? Do some shades look better than others?

Whether you are a natural redhead, or have changed your hair colour to red and facing altering your make up palette; its hard to deny that this is an issue we face.  Some Redheads seem to rock red lipstick (like Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks & Rita Hayworth), while others feel like Red lips just clash with their hair (unfortunately my personal experience).

When Redheads get their red lips right, it truely looks amazing! With the stark contrast  of pale skin against red lips – I think Roger Sterling said it best:

I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.

Roger Sterling, Madman

So HOW do we get it right? We’ve gone in search of some hints and tips to help you (and I) to rock red lips!

Rita Hayworth

We got thinking about lipstick for redheads when we got a call from Mrs Malcolmson of Scarborough. She wanted to know if the challenges she had encounted with lipsticks, was connected to having red hair. She said that although a lipstick looked wonderful in the tube, it would never look the same shade on her face, and seemed to change shade later on. It got us thinking that this is a problem we had both had in the past, and was there anything we could do about it…

Tips on choosing the right Red Lipstick for you

Getting a shade that suits you is about your hair and your skin – and as united as Redheads may be, there are wide variations in hair shades and skin tones, so pick what’s right for you. We found this great article in Bella Sugar, that lays it on the line, and we’ve summarise the tips here.

Hair: Don’t try to match your hair colour with your lipstick, because it will wash it out, instead pick one that’s richer in intensity. Women with really bright red hair look beautiful in blue-reds, while women with deeper auburn tones look gorgeous in warmer reds.

Skin Tone: 

Emma StoneCool or pink undertones –  plum, wine, or blue-red lipstick shades suit you best.

Yellow undertones, go for red-oranges, corals, or red-browns.

Neutral tones can usually go either way, but a cherry red, scarlet, or true red is almost always a flattering choice.

Eyes: If you have blue, grey, or green eyes? Then try a cooler red

What are your colours?

If all of this talk about ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ colours is making your head spin as much as it is mine, we’ve got some information for you to come. We’re planning to produce a post with some colour experts to understand a little more about how colours work.

Is lipstick old-fashioned?

Christina Hendricks

While I’ve often heard ladies that are my mothers generation and older saying “I wouldn’t dream of leaving my home without lipstick”. I haven’t heard it
so much from younger generations. Do you think lipstick is something that younger generations go for now? I only know from looking at my own friends, so: do you wear lipstick? or do you just go for coloured lipbalms? Vaseline etc?

Personal Experience

After some disastrous attempts at red shades when I was younger I now usually opt for lip balms and if I do wear lipstick, I use Dainty Doll Lipstick “In His Kiss”. After getting a bit of direction about which red might suit me, I’m ready to be a bit more daring!

So how about you? Do you wear lipstick already? Do you dare to be red? What has your experience been and can you recommend anything?


More about the author: Jessica Shailes

Just call me Jess, I'm the co-creator of Everything for Redheads and love contributing to our community here. Let me know what you'd like to see on the site and we'll see what we can do.


  1. I don’t often wear red lipstick, as it simply isn’t to my taste; my particular favourite is a vivid purple, which probably sounds as if it should clash like the very devil with red hair, but I find it works for me. But then, my dress sense is ….er…. “unconventional” Think Helena Bonham Carter with a migraine. lol.

    • That sounds pretty cool, I think its surprising what works – and there is massive variation between shades. I can’t wait to see what the colour expert says, I have always steered away from reds, but would love to add more colour to my palette :)

  2. mine have changed as I got older when I was younger I couldn't wear the red-oranges or corals at all and I went for purples purplish red or browns and dark plum colours, which now look really harsh on my skin-tone, nowadays I can still wear plums but only warm ones and I can wear coral and orangey reds and browns as well.

    • I’m surprised it changed as you got older – will be sure to ask the colour expert about that :) it may be common. thanks Chrissi

  3. I always wore bright red lipstick as a teenager but changed to darker browns as I got older – and maybe wiser! Now I wear those lovely red shades again…age has definitely weathered the skin tones so they're more accepting of the vibrant colours.

  4. I wear lipstick every single day, it's the only bit of make-up I do wear daily, the rest is saved for special events. However, I have never worn red, even using tips from so called experts, they just don't look right on me! Maybe it's an attention thing, I don't want attention drawing to my garish gob! I wear pinks, nudes, beiges and hint of brown, there, but not there colours to enhance my lips not make them stand out!

  5. As a redhead I feel I can wear any shade from, Revelon's coral reef, Maybelline's coral pop to Clinique's cherry. the corals together always get great comments!

  6. I like both if I'm going out it's lipstick and I've worn red… day time I like lip closs or balm.

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