Interview for Parents of Redheads and Redheads

For any parents of Redheads out there, that don’t have red hair themselves, it can be difficult to know how to help your little Redheads. This is something that Deb experienced when her two beautiful red haired daughters were born. Both her and her husband have dark hair, so she started the website Raising Redheads to share stories, laughs, and parenting tips with parents in the same boat as them. We got in touch and were delighted when she asked us to interview for the website. So here is a link for the full interview on her site

Future Interview with Deb or Raising Redheads

We hope to interview Deb soon, and ask some questions that may be helpful to parents of Redheads – but we’d like to know if you have any questions, and would  be happy to include them in the interview. So do you have any questions left unanswered, as parents of Redheads? If so, please comment below or email [email protected]




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