Are you considering dying your hair Red but you have questions?

Lady with dyed red hair

For anyone considering a radical change of hair colour it can be a daunting investment in your time, energy and money. Will it suit me? How much will it cost in the short term and long term? What other changes will I need to make?

So we asked a hair expert to help us answer these questions and more. Michelle Griffin has 25  years experience in the hair industry, so is perfectly suited to point you in the right direction!

How do I get the desired shade of red? (Can I do it at home or will it require a salon visit?)

A salon service every time, there are so many tones in red shades and difficult to get it right at home. A professional colourist will match the tones correctly to suit each client’s skin tones, features and style.

There is also a possibility with a home dye kit that you won’t be able to get full coverage, as sections especially at the back of the head or hair line are missed, with a colour as strong or rich as red this will be extremely noticeable. The colour dye red also gets everywhere and can stain skin, hands, clothes etc, it’s much cleaner to go to the salon!

How much will it cost to dye my hair red? (For the initial colouring and follow up visits)

Depending on the shade of natural colour, it could be a full-head tint or a colour correction. It does depend on the salon that you go to and which level of colourist you have however prices for the initial visit will range between range from £60.00 to £130.00 and further visits at £25.00 to £90.00 for root tint or glossing.

Will it suit my complexion?

Red is the one colour that both pale and olive skin tones suit as the tones range from warm to cooler shades. A professional colourist will advise on the best shade to suit your skin tone and also take into consideration eye colour.

What colour maintenance will I have to go through on a regular basis?

Once you have achieved the chosen red shade a further six weekly appointments will be needed to refresh the red or a root tint to cover natural hair growth.

Will I need to make any adjustments to my face make up or wardrobe once I dye my hair red?

Yes as with any colour change, pallets and tones will need to be looked at. See Makeup tips for redheads and pale skin for more details

How should redheads deal with going grey, what are their colour options?

Red heads don’t usually turn grey, they usually turn a sandy shade and then white rather than grey. When this happens I’d advise for blonde shades to be introduced gradually as the hair is naturally going lighter. It’s a proven fact that natural red heads tend to lose their colour a lot later in life than the average brunette or blonde

Are hair extensions available for redheads? If so is it easy enough to get a colour match?

There are of course hair extensions available on the market for Redhead. There are lots of shades of extensions in many different attachment methods, however and with any shade hair can be colour matched by a professional hair Extensionist and ordered to suit the client’s needs matching each tone exactly.Michelle Griffin

Q & A with Michelle Griffin; Creative Director at The Michelle Griffin Academy, Birmingham. Michelle has 25 years experience in industry and also specialises in Hair Loss. To see more view the website at

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