When I decided to write this article, I wasn’t sure whether I’d find more heroes or villains – what do you think I found?

Seriously, think about it, do you think there are more heroes of villains with red hair?

Well, I may not have found EVERY red hair hero or villain, so if I’ve missed some off that you think are important – then please let me know in the comments! But surprisingly, I found more heroes than villains with red hair…and why do I say ‘surprisingly’? Because having red hair is often associated with negative characteristics; being unpredictable, angry, and red is the colour linked with Satan, witches, etc etc. Perhaps in traditional stories, the villain often has red hair, but in our modern culture, that is not the case. Particularly in comics, where they seem to LOVE redheads (on both sides of the good/evil divide). So Ginger heroes who are these people anywho? You may, or may not agree with me, and I welcome corrections, but these are the heroes and villains we could think of; 

Ginger Heroes

Ron Weasley – well all of the Weasleys really
Daredevil (in the traditional comics he has red hair)
The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland
Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
Peter Pan in Disney film
The Little Mermaid Hercules in Disney
Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave – coming soon
Thor is traditionally a Redhead
Agent Scully from the X Files
Horatio Cane from CSI Miami
Madeline Cartoon series
Pippi Longstocking
Anne of Green Gables
Dumbledore (in earlier years)
Mary Jane in Spiderman
Jean Grey/The Phoenix from X-Men

Ginger villains

Poison Ivy from Batman
Syndrome from the Incredibles







OK I know there HAS to be more villains – so pleeeease remind me!

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