Ginger Heroes and Villains – the people we love and love to hate, with red hair!

When I decided to write this article, I wasn’t sure whether I’d find more heroes or villains – what do you think I found?

Seriously, think about it, do you think there are more heroes of villains with red hair?

Well, I may not have found EVERY red hair hero or villain, so if I’ve missed some off that you think are important – then please let me know in the comments! But surprisingly, I found more heroes than villains with red hair…and why do I say ‘surprisingly’? Because having red hair is often associated with negative characteristics; being unpredictable, angry, and red is the colour linked with Satan, witches, etc etc. Perhaps in traditional stories, the villain often has red hair, but in our modern culture, that is not the case. Particularly in comics, where they seem to LOVE redheads (on both sides of the good/evil divide). So Ginger heroes who are these people anywho? You may, or may not agree with me, and I welcome corrections, but these are the heroes and villains we could think of; 

Ginger Heroes

Ron Weasley – well all of the Weasleys really
Daredevil (in the traditional comics he has red hair)
The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland
Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
Peter Pan in Disney film
The Little Mermaid Hercules in Disney
Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave – coming soon
Thor is traditionally a Redhead
Agent Scully from the X Files
Horatio Cane from CSI Miami
Madeline Cartoon series
Pippi Longstocking
Anne of Green Gables
Dumbledore (in earlier years)
Mary Jane in Spiderman
Jean Grey/The Phoenix from X-Men

Ginger villains

Poison Ivy from Batman
Syndrome from the Incredibles







OK I know there HAS to be more villains – so pleeeease remind me!

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  1. Dexter is a hero. An anti-hero maybe,but still a hero!
    Another villan might by The Queen,played by Helena Bohnam Carter.

    • Yeh I didnt consider which side to put him in – perhaps both? I mean he still kills people after all??? :) yes That’s a good one, change once I allow for more responses thanks Sarah

  2. …having red hair is often associated with negative characteristics; being unpredictable, angry, and red is the colour linked with Satan, witches, etc etc….
    Ouchy! Some of my best friends are witches! :-(
    Can’t add to your list of heroes offhand, but imho GINGER SPICE has to take credit for being a major irritant.

    • Sorry Janie, didn’t mean to insult witches, but traditional ‘witches’ of folk law and Halloween outfits are considered negatively. Yes I have to agree with the Ginger Spice comment. lol

      • Lol no offence taken, just that many of us Pagans get a tad tired of the term “witch” always being used negatively. ;-)
        Back on topic…. You rightly have Anne of Green Gables as a red-haired heroine (remember the chapter where she bought “black” hair dye and it turned her hair green?) But what about LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE? I reckon she ought to be in the list. :-)

        • Good :) yeh great idea, didn’t think of her!

        • Hi janielamewolf just wanted to say MM to a fellow Pagan! BB

          • MM yourself – have a wonderful Imbolc. ;-)

  3. Medusa..a villain from the Fantastic Four comics..she eventually switched sides and helped them out.

  4. Barbarossa (Red Beard) was a bit of a villain! For heroines, look at many of the Pre Raphaelite paintings, eg Flaming June.

  5. I wouldn't really call Dexter a villain, more of a vigilante, though we are also told Set, in Ancient Egyptian mythology was red-headed as was Lilith, but I am not sure about that last one, both either way were definitely supposed to be evil, Lilith was Adam's first wife who wouldn't obey him and Set was Osiris's evil brother.

  6. Jessica Rabbit!

  7. Jessica Rabbit!

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