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How to prevent red hair fading

Whether you’re a natural redhead or have dyed your locks anything from a deep burgundy to a fiery orange, you’ll know that keeping your colour looking vibrant can be a real challenge. But what can be done to prevent your red hair fading? Red hair is naturally drier... read more

Shouldn’t redheads have an emoji too?

The newest update to Apple’s emoji set has been revealed, and shock horror, redheads have been left out again! After releasing a new batch of ‘diverse’ emoji for public testing this month, Apple and their emoji creators Unicode Consortium have been slated for ignoring... read more

Conquer Sensitive Skin through Effective Skin Management

If you’re a redhead, you’ve probably had to deal with sensitive skin, which can be unbearable. In fact, it’s unbearable. If you’re not feeling itchy for no apparent reason, your skin is peeling. If you’re not trying to hide the redness developing around your face and... read more

Redheads, add a splash of colour to your spring wardrobe

The temperature is slowly starting to creep out of the minuses, so what better time to step out of your winter comfort zone and add a pop of colour into your wardrobe? Take a step away from the muted browns, greys, navys and blacks of the colder months and put some... read more

4 redhead hair styles for 2015

With countless celebrities showing off new haircuts and styles on the red carpet this awards season, we’re itching to switch up our own ‘dos. Here are some of our favourite redhead hair styles so far in 2015… Keep it simple – Some of the most striking outfits at the... read more

5 make up trends for fair skin

Redheads are in luck this spring, with a whole array of makeup looks to suit red hair and fair skin proving to be bang on trend. Here are just a few of the catwalk featured looks that you could try out… be sure to send us a picture if you do! Fresh faced make up for... read more

Bad hair day? Styling tips for your curly red hair

As we all know, redheads with curly hair definitely turn heads. However, those admirers might not know the work that goes into perfecting your curls, which can be frizz prone and seem to have a life of their own! Here are Everything for Redheads’ tips for styling your... read more

Embracing being a redhead

I recently came across this post on Facebook and it struck a chord. Photographer Shelby Tsuji explores women’s self-image and insecurities in a series of portraits of young women (including redheads and fair ladies), creating a literal cross-section of their faces by... read more

Happy Kiss a Ginger Day 2015!

It’s the 12th of January, and guess what that means? It’s Kiss a Ginger Day! If you’re not sure why redheads deserve their own day for being kissed, it all started in 2009 when Derek Forgie created a Facebook group in opposition of ‘Kick a... read more

Love poem for a redhead

Redheads have inspired art for centuries and continue to do so as this poem, dedicated to a redhead, illustrates. If you know of and would like to share any poetry dedicated to a redhead, do please share. Heads will turn to look and stare At the girl with long red... read more

Redhead Resolutions for a New Year

Ideas for being a great Redhead As another year begins the over indulgences of Christmas are making us feel guilty, and we’re making a list of things to improve on next year. Seeing as 2011 was the year we set up Everything for Redheads, we have had a lot of... read more

Winter looks for redheads

Following on from our autumn fashion picks, we thought we’d give you an update on our favourite winter trends for redheads… Emerald green – The colour of the season for redheads, emerald is everywhere! Adding a chic and sophisticated edge to your look, emerald green... read more

Protect your hair in bad weather

As the temperature continues to drop, we thought that now would be a great time to talk about how to protect your red hair in the colder weather. Just as our hair can be damaged by sun, sea and humidity in the summer months, the drop in temperature can also wreak... read more

Evening make up for redheads

It’s Christmas party season so what better gift than a guide on how to make your evening makeup dazzle – whether at the office party, bringing in the New Year at a black tie event, or sitting down for Christmas dinner. The great news it that evening make up is all... read more

10 famous redheads through the centuries

We all know that redheads are pretty rare, but this doesn’t seem to have stopped us from having a significant historical and cultural impact throughout history! Here’s a list of some of our favourite famous redhead brethren, and why they’ve made our top ten… Vincent... read more